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Frequently asked questions

I've answered some questions that might be on your mind when seeking counselling.

Please feel free to email me any other questions you have at

 Can I work with a UK counsellor if I live abroad?

Yes. Many British people who are living in other parts of the world want to connect with an English-speaking therapist. Working remotely means that this is entirely possible.

I am insured to work with clients who are based in Europe and many other countries around the world. Please send me an email at if you are interested in arranging a session.


What will I gain from counselling?

Counselling is an opportunity to receive empathy and acceptance and to have a genuine human connection with someone who is truly rooting for you.

You may gain:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself.

  • The ability to voice your needs, to yourself and others.

  • Tools to support in regulating your emotions.

  • Improved self-compassion and self-esteem.

  • Improved boundaries with significant others.

  • Healthier coping strategies.

Individual counselling can be life-changing for some people, for others it can be a step in the right direction towards other forms of support and self-development. It is important to work with a counsellor who is a good fit for you, who is qualified and works in an ethical and professional manner.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and I am happy to offer an initial phone call to explore working together.


Is online therapy as good as  in person therapy?

Yes. Research suggests that having counselling online can be as effective as in person. There are potential benefits of working online, such as accessibility for clients with disabilities, flexibility to fit around life and work, and the potential for the experience to be less intimidating in the client’s own environment.

It is however important to consider if this delivery method is suitable for your personal needs and to ensure that the counsellor you are working with is a good fit for you.
I’m happy to offer a free initial phone call to explore if online counselling is right for you.


Do I need short-term or long-term counselling?

So, you’ve decided to seek out some counselling but you’re not sure what kind of counselling will be best, and how many sessions you might need.

Long-term counselling

You may be feeling lost and unsure of exactly what is causing your low mood. It may be impacting more than one area of your life and be hard to remember a time when you weren’t battling this. In this instance, it is worth considering long-term counselling.

Taking a longer-term approach will allow us to build a connection and a foundation of trust, through which I can support you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and of your presenting issues. It may sound overwhelming, but we will work at your pace, and will explore what arises naturally for you.

We can explore your internal world, your thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears.

We can explore your external world, your behaviors, your significant relationships and perhaps consider your boundaries.

We may explore your childhood and other significant periods of your life to link triggering emotions with their original circumstances in a safe and holding environment.

Short-term counselling

You may want to focus on a specific issue in one area of your life and have an idea of what change you would like to make but feel unable or unsure of taking the steps to get there. In this case, you may benefit from short-term counselling that is more solution focused.

I offer a genuine human connection, supporting you in identifying any patterns of behavior that may be holding you back from taking action. We can explore and reevaluate any negative beliefs you may have about yourself, practicing self-compassion and supporting your personal growth.

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